What Happens When Independent Escorts and Their Clients Fall in Love?

Ah, a story old as time. The fairy tale come true, a hooker with a heart of gold finds her soulmate in a client and falls madly in love, only to live happily ever after. It makes a great story, but does it actually ever happen to independent escorts?

While it sounds almost too good to be true, it turns out, that it does happen, and quite possibly more than you’d think! We spoke to three independent escorts from different parts of the world, and listened to them reveal their own personal stories of finding their own fairytale love at work.

Kat, 26 -Independent escort, Latvia

“I met my boyfriend of almost two years, completely by mistake. I was working as an independent escort in Latvia and myself and one other girl had been hired to work a stag-do for some British men. I’m not usually a big fan of working stag-do’s as they are generally very wild, very drunk, and very long, but the money was too good to pass up, so I agreed. Arriving and greeting the bachelors, I felt like this stag-do was going to go as all the other ones I had ever worked had. The groom was already so drunk, two of his groomsmen were basically carrying him to the door of the hotel room they had rented for the evening.

“That’s when I saw him. He smiled at me sheepishly and mumbled an apology for his drunk friend. I had never seen such kind eyes in my whole life.”

“The whole evening, he was very respectful and protective of both myself and my coworker. I assumed that this was just some sort of standard British chivalry and thought nothing more of it than gratitude. It was an overnight appointment, and this amazing man and I had ended up staying awake far later than everyone else and talking the whole night through. The next day, as we were leaving, he kindly asked me if he could take me to breakfast. He even offered to pay me for my time. As he was willing to be a client, I extended the appointment. We ended up staying together throughout the entire day and there was an obvious connection. After he left, we kept in contact for a few months and he came to visit me, we have been together and very happy, ever since.

Marina, 30 -Independent escort, Germany

“I met my husband while I was working as an independent escort in Austria. I had grown up in Germany, in a very small town called Ulm, but moved to Austria for university and was working as a part time escort for money during my schooling. I had taken several classes that were conducted by a very attractive teaching assistant. I had kind of a crush on him for some time when

“I received a booking for a new client. It was him. The teaching assistant of my dreams.”

“It was very awkward at first, as he knew me from class, but he explained that as he was such a busy man, he had very little time for dating, and preferred the efficiency of escorting. After much talking, I admitted that I had had a bit of a crush on him for some time, but am very shy in my everyday life, so I hadn’t said anything. It turns out that we grew up in very nearby towns in Germany. He said it was meant to be. Next fall we will have been blissfully married for 5 years”

Nikola, 43 – Former Independent escort, Czech Republic

“When I was much younger, I was working as an independent escort in Prague. It was an incredible time for me and I loved my job very much. I was able to meet all sorts of wonderful people, choose what hours I worked and those I didn’t, as well as had more than enough money for myself to live on.

“I had a very rich client who would regularly book my services for days on end. He was always very kind and respectful, but would always ask me to marry him when we were on our booked weekends”

Looking back, I suppose that it was an odd thing for a man to continue asking, but it never bothered me, and it never seemed wrong for him to ask. I would laugh, say that I love my job and my life too much to settle down, and he wouldn’t ask again until our next scheduled meeting. He would see me twice per month for at least three days, and twice per month, he would ask me to marry him. Finally, after three years of this, I just said yes one day. It popped right out of my mouth and felt so right. He was overtaken with joy! We were married three months later. We now have two children, and I haven’t gone back to being an independent escort since our wedding, almost 20 years ago.”

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