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AI Taking over the Online Dating Industry


Dating sites are an increasingly normal way for singles to meet new people. Today, online daters can access to potential matches with just a swipe these days. What about adult business owners? How can you get approved for adult merchant processing with ease? This article will tell you about the modern online dating industry and adult merchant processing.

Online Dating Industry: Big Data and AI

Online dating is a multi-billion-dollarindustry. Specifically, the online dating industry accounts for more than $3 billion. The market uses innovations and advances in technology and has a lot of room for creativity.

1 of every 10 Americans has used a mobile dating app or online dating site. You can find a number of big players in the space, which are trying to offer something unique to their visitors. Each of them targets a different audience, however, all of them are based on big data.

Big data allows them to guarantee a match based on the user’s personality type. As a result, matchmaking, dating and marriage services enable users to locate a partner that resembles another person.

Using deep learning, they analyze images of people’s faces to determine specific features. The process begins with the user uploading an image of the type of person he/she finds appealing. Then, an image bank is searched to find individuals that resemble the image.

Denver-based Say Allo has combined Artificial Intelligence (AI) with machine learning and also facial recognition to learn compatibility, as well as attraction. This is a new level for AI mobile dating apps, which is being realized through a sophisticated platform that learns user interests, physical characteristics of each profile under consideration while the user is navigating the app.

Adult Dating: Adult Merchant Processing

The advent of the smartphone made the dating industry evolve with rapid advances. New social players like Tinder and Bumble have appeared in the space over the last decade.

Beyond that, the birth of a new kind of dating appcreates even more room for development. This new type is like a blend of past, present, and the future. The new dating apps are, in fact, AI-enhanced apps, where artificial intelligencehelps to filter content (and people) more quickly than people can create their own personal pools of compatible matches via older online dating platforms.

What about online dating merchants? How are you going to grow your adult business? For this, you should, first of all, apply for adult merchant processing from a reputable payment processor.Only a respectable merchant services provider that specializes in the high risk field can approve you for a merchant account without difficulty and with the best possible terms.

As, Sean Rad,Tinder’s co-founder and on-again, off-again CEO notes, AIseems to play the biggest role in enabling Tinder to continuously innovate and get everyone who is single on Tinder.

There are more than 600 million single people on smartphones today.Many individuals are using online dating to meet someone special. So, online dating merchants should work only with reliable and experienced processors to take their business to the next level with ease.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas co-founded eMerchantBroker, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants by offering adult merchant processing and other merchant services. His passions include producing music and traveling.

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