Should I Be Ashamed About Dating Younger Men On Adult Dating Site?


In the world of adult dating, especially free adult dating, it is not very uncommon to have a younger guy in a relationship with an older woman. If you know how to use, adult dating freebies are up there for grabs. Now, a lot of older women, cougars specifically, may feel a tinge of guilt and shame that they are in a relationship with a younger man.

The online game

When you initiate contact with a younger man over the dating website, you are still relatively anonymous to the person at the other end. It is only after talking to them for a few days that you get a feel for the kind of person they are, and you being an experienced older woman, your guesses are most likely to be spot on. There are video chats and online sex sessions where you can get intimate, and see how your compatibility ranks. After deciding, you can take the final call of shortlisting the one you need for a long term relationship.

There is no basis for feelings of guilt

If you look at the situation in detail, you will find that in almost all of the cases, the woman in question is a high ranking woman in her field of work. Or she has a lot of family money. Whatever be the case, the truth is that all the cougars you see are financially independent and can afford to splurge money on a regular basis. The reason why they seek the companionship of younger men is that they can spend quality time with them, as and when they wish. This freedom is not present in the official partnership that the cougar may be in, with an older man who has a thousand other things to take care of. And why should cougars feel guilty? They are doing nothing but asserting the right to live life on their own terms, without being dictated on choices and life decisions. If anything, that is a commendable way to go about things, because at the end of the day, you can say that you lived life to the full and made the most of the chances, good or bad, that came your way. Most marriages are a sham and serve as eyewash for society. There is very little that the couple has in common in the first place, except children, and they too leave the nest in due course of time.

Doing young men a favor

Young men, the cubs in the relationship have a lot to gain from the relationship with the cougar. First and foremost, it is a monetary arrangement, much like a service, where the cougar pays the cub a monthly allowance in return for his exclusive time and attention. Now when you are paying a younger man for his affections, it may seem like a tacky arrangement to you. But give it a few days and you will see that it is actually a very convenient arrangement. With the allowance money, most young men try to fund themselves through expensive higher education, and they are grateful to you for this opportunity. Besides this, they get to know about the workings of the big bad world, to which they have not yet been sensitized. You can teach them so much about society, life and how to have a good time in bed, to name a few things. They will get the opportunity of your exclusive company, the best of facilities when you are together, and an introduction to high society early on, making good and powerful contacts who will come in useful later on in their lives. If they weren’t with you, they would not have been able to put one foot in the door even.

Friends and family

You also may be a tad worried about how you are going to introduce your young stallion to the immediate friend circle and close acquaintances. Don’t be. Everyone is busy leading their own lives and have more than enough to occupy their minds with. They are themselves bitching about their lousy husbands and the monotonous sex life they have. Your man is going to make them covetous of the same sort of a relationship, because I’m guessing here that you would hang out with friends who are more or less from the same strata in society; high society.

The world moves so fast, that I bet you also do not remember what you read in yesterday’s newspapers. It is the same with our personal lives. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary guilt and try to free yourself up a bit. You owe it to yourself to have a good time and you deserve all the good things coming your way, despite the probable first time jitters. In course of time, you will feel absolutely comfortable with the working arrangement you have as an independent cougar.

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