Party Hard with the VIP Package

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Would you like to be a VIP for an evening party? If so, book your VIP standard packages.

Party like rock stars with this inclusive VIP package! You deserve the best, so let yourself have the ultimate party experience. VIP packages are a great way to make your night party more memorable. Party like a celebrity in a famous club! Some clubs offer bespoke VIP experiences for you to celebrate at a party.

They offer everything from individual experience to end-to-end services for celebrities and elite visitors as well.

VIP Party packages

Packages must be booked and tables are secured with 50% of the total package cost. You may invite your friends as an additional guest that can be added at an extra charge.

Pre-booking packages include entry, spirits, mixers, and fruit. VIP packages come in various types including

  • Get free lunch until packages expire
  • 1 additional guest can be added at a free charge
  • Celebrities can get VIP invitation to all special events
  • Can get pass quickly, no need to wait
  • Offering free admission and lunch
  • In platinum, you can add two free guests
  • Take quarterly lunch with club owner
  • Good at all locations

Packages have private hosts that will help you during your stay at the night club. These services are offered based on the package type like lade VIP, Gold and Platinum VIP, Super VIP and Ruby VIP.

Benefits of Having VIP Packages

Club and party is an incredible one that makes your nightlife experience beautiful.

Nightclub Package

VIP nightclub party package is the ultimate package for groups, singles, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and other special events. With the VIP treatment, party like a celebrity and avoid the hassle of the package prices. The VIP treatment packages allows you to select one location from the various nightclubs. Mostly, nightclub party package blackout dates are based on the nightclub event.

Get unlimited premium drinks and bottle services for your guests. Packages price varies depending on the club, night of the week, and events.

Day Club

Want to be a player when the sun is shining? The Day club is an amazing one. Most people don’t realize that they will spend more time at a day club than a night club. Sometimes, people won’t remember to balance all that drink with food and water.


Whether you pick a nightclub or day club, lounge or strip club, bottle and mixer service is a reality. The quick way to celebrate a party is ordering drinks to your table.


Celebrate the party like a superstar and get walked onto the stage like a VIP celebrity.

Especially at a good restaurant, nightclub or luxury hotels, VIP seems to be looking very smart and sharp. They follow dress codes like jeans and slacks.

Relax and enjoy a chilled glass of alcohol in an ultimate club that offers the best VIP treatment for you. The package price includes all cover charges including party bus service, reservation, VIP table, bottles and mixers, tax and more. Enjoy a breath-taking party with your guests who love to party like you.

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